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Moon Yong-Park


Meet Moon-Yong Park

Formerly a member of the Korean National Climbing Team, Moon-Yong Park was
selected as Korean climber of the year in 1990, when he finished 15th in the World
Cup Climbing Competiton in SanFrancisco. In 1991, he finished 43rd in the World
Cup in Bergamo, Italy.

Now actively bouldering, Moon has been factory-trained by Mad Rock Climbing
shoes to make custom repairs for leading climbers. Today, he is proficient with M5
and DDS MAD Rubber, as well as FIVE-TEN Stealth Rubber and Aqua Stealth Dot
Tread, plus La Sportiva, Boreal and Scarpa rubbers.

Moon-Yong Park helped design Korea's first five models of sport climbing shoes
for Salewa alpine gear. His unique resoling techniques and tools are closely-
guarded, proprietary property of Crescent Resoler. You may be assured a custom
professional-quality resole.

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